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HO for Tomorrow

Higher and scientific education


The Higher Education (HE) network of Learning for Tomorrow is there for everyone who works on sustainability in the HE or is interested in it. Through our news items you will stay informed about new developments and in the network meetings you will meet other professionals.

The activities of our network are coordinated by our network partner Students for Tomorrow together with The Green Brain, which includes 140 professors and lecturers.

As a member of the HO network

  • You are very welcome at the activities and meetings that Leren voor Morgen organizes.
  • you can share questions or calls with the network, through the network coordinator.

The ho network is coordinated by Learning for Tomorrow. Our cooperative members play an important role in the network by contributing to the activities and sharing knowledge. By joining HO voor Morgen, you will profit optimally from this broad network on sustainable development in higher education and the knowledge that goes with it. Participation in the network is free of charge.

You can contribute as a network member by

  • keep the network informed of your activities and knowledge in the field of sustainability in higher education, via the network coordinator
  • share inspiration and activities from the network with your colleagues and cooperation partners

Examples of network activities

Inspiring projects

Examples of inspiring activities within the HO network:
Together with a CoP from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, we worked on the Sustainable Technology Minor to develop sustainability and circular...
In this project, we set up a learning environment in Westland to develop Sustainability Skills around circular greenhouse horticulture....
Members of Cooperative Learning for Tomorrow have developed a Sustainable Education Roadmap that schools can use to develop their own vision that...
Based on two roundtable discussions with education professonials and drivers of the circular economy, a mapping of Circular Skills...
NHL Stenden set out to find out if it is possible to use a game to teach someone what circularity...
In this project, we give young people a voice about circular education in the Netherlands. This way we prevent a mismatch between...
In this project, we work to raise awareness and professionalize teachers in the engineering teacher training program and teachers in training...
The National Talent Program Leadership for the Circular Transition (LCT) trains the next generation to become circular changemakers for the Netherlands...
SDGs On Internship helps students find sustainable internships. We provide an overview of sustainable internships with...
In today's Higher Economic Education, human beings are primarily viewed as rational and individualistic beings who are primarily out of...
Every year Learning for Tomorrow organizes the Sustainable Teacher Election. Many teachers work daily at school to instill...
On this day, all over the Netherlands, extra attention is drawn to sustainability in education!
Which institutions in HE are at the forefront of sustainability and what can we learn from them? That...


Events and activities within the HO network:
Fri September 13, 2024 - 12:30 U
Tech College Nieuwegein - ROC Midden Nederland
Wed Sept 25, 2024 - 00:00 U
Wed Oct 9, 2024 - Sun October 13, 2024

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Join the "HO for Tomorrow" network to stay informed about-and contribute to-what's happening within the ho in the field of learning for sustainable development. Participation in the network is free.

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