SustainaBul HO

Which institutions in HE are at the forefront of sustainability and what can we learn from them? That's what the SustainaBul HO makes clear!

Purpose of the SustainaBul HO

Since 2012, the SustainaBul is the annual ranking among Dutch higher education institutions organized by Students for Tomorrow. Participating institutions are assessed by means of a questionnaire divided into the themes of sustainability in research, education, business operations and integrated approach. With the SustainaBul, Students for Tomorrow is working to make higher education more sustainable. This is done by stimulating the institutions through the competition, but also by sharing the knowledge gained. Through these factors, Morgen strives to improve education as a whole towards a fully sustainable sector. After all, good education is crucial to a sustainable society.

The SustainaBul has grown over the years to become the largest project organized by Students for Tomorrow and is unique in its kind. Nowhere in the world is there a ranking of this kind and scale that is executed and initiated by students who do all this voluntarily. From this unique position, the SustainaBul contributes to making Higher Education more sustainable.

Knowledge sharing is becoming increasingly important and is therefore also part of the SustainaBul, where educational institutions can share their best practices. Therefore, in addition to providing insight into sustainability performance and ambitions, we hope to facilitate a platform where people can learn from each other and share best practices. In this way, we can join forces and work towards sustainable education!


The SustainaBul assessment process takes place in two different rounds. In the first round, the questionnaire for each institution will be completed by rankers (students) using information available online. The outcome of this first ranking and associated feedback will then be shared with the institutions, after which higher education institutions will have the opportunity to provide additional evidence per question to improve their score. Once the deadline for this has passed, the second round for the rankers will begin. In this round, the students will look at the questionnaire again. This review will include the additional evidence provided. The final rankings will then be formed and these will be announced during the Green Pepper (formerly the National Day for Sustainability in Higher Education).



Inspiration and news from the SustainaBul HO can be found here!



Knowledge from the SustainaBul HO can be found here!

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