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LeAD GLocal

LeAD GLocal is a partner of the DOON cooperative. From the interest and perspective of people and ecology, we help education, entrepreneurs, governments and end users work together, learn together and innovate together.

What we do

Together we create smart, inclusive and sustainable partnerships that make an impact through the path of learning ecosystems. Here, "real life is central, not the system!" (Real Life Problem Solving)

We DOON this by teaching them to respond to change and to use tools, instruments, methodologies and forms of collaboration that help them do so. (Real Life Learning)

We enable technological and especially social transitions through the deployment of working principles such as Eco-Centered-Design, Human-Centered-Codesign, Design-Thinking, Lean Start-Up development and Sociocratic and Agile Collaboration.

What we offer

Courses, webinars, physical events, online events, a network, teaching materials, teaching manuals, consulting and pilot projects

Expertise in SDG

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