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The Coöperatie Leren voor Morgen consists of a group of collaborating organizations. As a network we are committed to learning for sustainable development: within and outside of education and from toddler to professional.

Our goal is to embed sustainability in the DNA of education. We do this using an integrated approach: The Whole School Approach. As a framework for the content of sustainable education, we use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This broad approach means that within sustainable education we look at the social side of sustainability (equity and inclusiveness) in addition to environmental aspects, for example. We are also national coordinator of the Alliance around SDG4 (Sustainable Development Goal 4).  Read more

Learning for Tomorrow releases first State of Sustainable Education

Every year, the State of Education outlines the state of education in the Netherlands. The fact that - both within and outside of education - there is more and more talk about learning for sustainable development is reason for Leren voor Morgen to publish the first State of Sustainable Education. Giuseppe van der Helm (Director Learning for Tomorrow): "It is important to monitor the state of affairs on this topic as well. After all, Learning for Tomorrow revolves around the core task of education: preparing students for the world of tomorrow."
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