Designsprint Circular Greenhouse Horticulture

South Holland faces major sustainability challenges coupled with issues about the livability of the region. The key question: how do we accelerate the necessary transition processes? Industry, educational and research institutions and the province of South Holland are jointly putting their shoulders to the wheel. The horticultural sector has traditionally been an important sector in South Holland, facing major challenges, including energy, pesticide, crop protection and labor issues.

A group of leading companies and organizations from the horticultural cluster recognize that this requires new perspectives on horticulture with technical innovations that go hand in hand with social innovations. This group also wants to work on strengthening skills within the cluster that combine strategic thinking, sustainability skills and technical skills. This creates great openness to enter into cooperation with partners who want to work on similar issues.

At the same time, educational institutions in South Holland are looking for ways to equip their pupils and students with those same skills. They too are experiencing the need to innovate, to train young people for work that makes a difference in pressing social and climate issues. Many good examples can already be found in the region of education aligned with sustainability transitions. Taking learning for sustainable development to the next level in the region requires more structural - yet flexible - collaboration among educational institutions and between education and practice.

Purpose of the project.
In this project, we are making a concerted effort to develop circular, sustainable skills in horticulture. To do this, we are mapping what skills/competencies/knowledge entrepreneurs need to work on the accelerated transition to a circular economy. How do we ensure those skills and knowledge flow throughout the region? And in what ways do we learn so that it matches the complexity and urgency of the learning processes? Based on this, we want to set up a learning environment for the development of sustainability skills in greenhouse horticulture.

Between December 2022 and March 2023, we are shaping such a learning environment from practice demand with potential partners by:

  • Secure the willingness of entrepreneurs to experiment with developing sustainability skills.
  • Secure the willingness of educational institutions to weave sustainability skills into their curriculum in relation to greenhouse horticulture.
  • Bring these parties together in sprint sessions to design the program (content and form).

Want to know more?
Want to know more about this project? Then please contact Linda van Aken of ACCEZ.

Join Sustainability Skills!
Below we tell you how to join the program.

  • Would your organization like to join one of the existing regional collaborations (Friesland; Flevoland; Utrecht; South Holland; Rotterdam)? If so, please contact Daan de Kruijf at
  • Does your initiative connect education, business, government and researchers at the regional level? And would you like to join the program to develop and/or grow this initiative? We would like to get to know you better. Fill in this questionnaire and we will contact you within 7 business days!
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