Homo Florens in Higher Economics Education

Project Homo Florens encourages Higher Economic Education to look differently at people and their motivations!

Purpose of Homo Florens

In the current Higher Economic Education, man is primarily seen as a rational and individualistic being who is primarily out to satisfy his own needs to the maximum. This view of man does not do justice to the value that people attach to relationships with their fellow man. In scientific research by our partner The Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics is the alternative of the Homo florens formulated. This human is focused on sustainable relationships and finds satisfaction in the well-being of others. This human view can support students in Higher Economic Education during their careers to participate in the transition to a sustainable, inclusive and humane economy. Curious? Read more about Homo florens:

In this project, these theoretical insights about the Homo florets incorporated into teaching methods for Higher Economic Education. With the goal: to train tomorrow's leaders to make different, more humane choices where the interests of others are embedded in their economic actions (and those of the organizations where they work). Enthusiastic and inspired? Education professionals who want to participate are most welcome. Please contact Peter Luijten via Peter@lerenvoormorgen.org

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Timeline Homo Florens in key moments

January - February 2023:
Expanding knowledge network and learning community
Implementation and evaluation of existing pilots by members of the learning community

February - April 2023
Knowledge creation in the knowledge network; planning and designing pilots by members of the learning community

May 2023
Final symposium in which new insights are shared with education professionals, industry, press and other interested parties

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Knowledge from project Homo Florens can be found here!
In economic thought, man used to be often conceptualized as a homo economicus. This term was introduced by John Stuart Mill, not so much to...

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