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Nexxdott is an organizational consulting firm with a mission: to help young people discover their future potential. And because this is linked to the future of our planet, we link those futures to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What we do

We develop (LOB) programs and training for secondary and higher education that help young people answer the questions, "Who am I, what can I do, and what do I want?" and develop competencies such as complex problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork.

In addition, we develop games, such as the Core Values Game and the Future Lab Game, that let players as young as 12 think about themselves and their future possibilities. A connection is created between young and old, through valuable conversations about what motivates players.

Furthermore, we offer training to teachers (principals, mentors, deans) in secondary and higher education to guide and develop young people on their path to the future with the right mindset and competences.

What we offer

Webinars, teaching materials, consulting, training and games

Expertise in SDG

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