quality education is essential for sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to ensure that the world is a better place by 2030. These 17 development goals were set by the United Nations. They make it possible to measure sustainable development.

As a cooperative, we are committed to learning for sustainable development, but what does this development know? We use SDGs to make sense of this. We see sustainability as the sum total of all 17 goals. Therefore, our members are all committed to at least one but often several SDGs.

Moreover, the SDGs offer an integrated vision. We think this is important, because all goals are interrelated. For example, what is done on goal 7 'Affordable and sustainable energy' has an effect on goal 13 'Climate action', but also on goal 10 'Reduce inequality'. Education must provide pupils and students with this integral vision so that they can contribute to a sustainable future. Cooperative Learning for Tomorrow has therefore been appointed national coordinator for SDG 4: Quality Education. The goal of SDG 4 is to ensure equal access to quality education and promote lifelong learning for all.

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