Bright Future Lab

Bright Future Lab started as a dream in a small town called Karlskrona, inspired by a fantastic Master's program in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. We want to inspire young people and their teachers in the field of leadership and sustainability in its broadest sense: ecological and social sustainability. Themes such as racism, inequality and feminism are also addressed, as all challenges towards a sustainable, just world are connected.

What we do

We develop and teach sustainable life lessons in the form of fun, practical and inspiring training courses. For MBO, HBO, WO and for everyone who strives for a beautiful and sustainable world. We also train teachers in the Art of Hosting, a way of working that is based on the power of meaningful conversations, also in the classroom.

We are still learning ourselves every day, about ourselves, this work, what is needed the world; and are happy to engage with others about it!

What we offer

Pilot projects, courses, physical events and online events

Expertise in SDG

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