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O3 Effect

We are an educational development organization focused on educational innovation for sustainable development and a circular economy.

What we do

Process guidance of education professionals on vision development and translation to action on the shop floor
Develop and supervise professionalization programs focused on learning for sustainable development
Pathway guidance for teachers in designing curriculum(s). Using the 6 cores of learning for sustainable development and UNECE's educational competencies for sustainable development

What we offer

Interviews, physical events, online events, consulting and pilot projects

O3-Effect works to create new action perspectives by organizing and guiding the conversation and meeting within the educational organization but also between education, business and local government. O3-Effect helps schools and educational organizations:

  1. To build and guide a (regional) network focused on educational innovation regarding sustainable and/or circular - quartering
  2. When making policy on sustainable and/or circular based on the Whole School Approach
  3. By providing training for education professionals in the field of educational innovation for sustainable development. This includes curriculum development, leadership and development of innovation strategy based on principles of the learning organization.

At the heart of the various approaches is working from a shared vision to arrive at concrete agreements, approaches and/or activities.

Expertise in SDG

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