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SPARK the Movement, RCE Fryslân

SPARK the Movement is a program to connect Frisian education from elementary school to university to the regional learning process for a circular economy and a sustainable society. In 2021 we were recognized by the UN as RCE Fryslân; a regional community center of expertise on education for sustainable development.

What we do

We are the hub in a network of companies, governments and schools where expertise for learning for sustainable development comes together and is shared, for anyone interested.

Our actions are based on UNESCO's 5 Priority Action Areas: we promote regional policies for Learning for Sustainable Development; we support schools in developing transformative learning environments and we organize activities to support teachers (teams).

We also strengthen the position of young people by involving them in all our activities and accelerate the transition by building structural bridges between education and circular entrepreneurs through concrete projects.

What we offer

Interviews, opinie pieces, webinars, physical events, online events, a network, educational manuals, consulting, advocacy, pilot projects and eand approach to initiate a regional education transition for learning for sustainable development

Expertise in SDG

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