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Partner of European Platform Urban Greening

How do we keep our cities livable in times of climate change? How do we preserve biodiversity in our everyday environment? And what innovations and education is needed to achieve this? These are central questions where the European Platform for Urban Greening is working on, and Yuverta is one of the partners.

The international project EPLUG is a partnership between companies, knowledge institutions and municipal parties around innovation and development in the field of urban green (urban green). The project aims to increase the knowledge and skills needed to address climate adaptation, biodiversity and well-being in the urban green environment, and to broaden expertise among professionals in Europe.

The dedication of the partners both from business and knowledge institutions to learn from each other and formulate where the challenges for the future lie is one of the successes of the project. It shows how important this collaboration is and the extent to which we need these different insights and exchange to work towards a sustainable future.

A detailed report and case study of this international project can be read here!

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Partnership of EPLUG is one of the good practices of the SustainaBul MBO. Do you also want to take sustainable steps at your school? Join the SustainaBul MBO network via the website or contact project manager Roos Wemmenhove. Stay informed about learning for sustainable development in the mbo? Subscribe to the network MBO for Tomorrow!

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