These are the most sustainable MBO schools in the Netherlands

Winnaar SustainaBul 2022 symposium KW1C
Koning Willem I College has won the SustainaBul 2022, making it the most sustainable mbo school in the Netherlands. Albeda College and Yuverta College finished in second and third place. The best practices of SDG 13 Climate Action and SDG 17 Partnerships were also announced. The winners were announced last Friday during the MBO symposium Duurzaam Denken & Doen, organized by Coöperatie Leren voor Morgen in cooperation with MBO College Lelystad.

With 259 points, Koning Willem I College is the winner for the second year in a row. Especially in the area of business management, the college scored very high compared to the other schools with 96/100 points. Also within the education section they achieved almost all the points. Albeda (252 points) did very well especially in the education section, but can still grow in operations and practice. Yuverta with 246 points scored just under 90 points on all components, still good for a great third place. Places four and five were for MBO College Lelystad and Friesland College. Two best practices were also rewarded this year. For SGD 13 (climate action) the Albeda College won the public award with their circular fashion. For SDG 17 (partnerships), Noorderpoort and the SDG House Groningen were declared winners.

SustainaBul MBO 2022

A total of fourteen schools participated in the fourth edition of this competition. SustainaBul MBO is a measuring instrument for sustainability within secondary vocational education. "It is an instrument that can no longer be thought away from secondary vocational education. It has proven to be a method that stimulates sustainable thinking and doing in the MBO in a positive way. It helps schools to grow and become more sustainable, share knowledge with each other and therefore also help each other in this growth," says Sandra Pellegrom, National Coordinator Sustainable Development Goals. The SustainaBul is made possible in part by the Goldschmeding Foundation.

Sustainable Thinking & Doing

The symposium took place live again this year, after two years online. Led by Lucas de Man, who opened the symposium, the key was handed over to the Green Unit, a unique room set up by students where faculty and students work together to discuss everything about sustainability within the college. Afterwards, participants engaged with each other. How do we organize sustainable citizenship, how do you apply circularity in education and how do we bring air to the sometimes paralyzing conversation about climate change? A day in which people could learn from each other in the 'What are you proud of gallery', students entered into conversation with Gerbert Kunst, director of International Policy and Floor Maaskant, policy officer at the Ministry of OCW, and practice and education met.

Winners overview:
1. Koning Willem I College
2. Albeda College
3. Yuverta College
4. MBO College Lelystad
5. Friesland College

Winnaars SustainaBul MBO 2022

Leren voor Morgen
Learning for Tomorrow is a cooperative with the primary goal of embedding sustainability in the DNA of education. This is done using an integral approach: the Whole School Approach. This helps schools (on a strategic level) to start thinking and acting sustainably where the school is at the moment. Through the Learning for Tomorrow network, teachers and school leaders can actively learn from each other's experiences. Tools are also offered (such as the Sustainabul) with which they can further shape the sustainability of their education. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are used as a framework. This broad approach means that in addition to, for example, environmental aspects, the social side of sustainability (equality and inclusiveness) is examined. Learning for Tomorrow is also national coordinator of the Alliance around SDG 4.'

Aftermovie symposium Sustainable Thinking & Doing
Watch the aftermovie of the day below!


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