Goldschmeding Foundation

About the Goldschmeding Foundation for Man, Work, Economy

The Goldschmeding Foundation is a philanthropic fund founded by Frits Goldschmeding, also the founder of the Randstad Group. The foundation is structurally committed to permanently changing the way people work and cooperate, based on the conviction that we would all benefit if we cared more about each other.

With knowledge, donations and its network, the Goldschmeding Foundation supports promising initiatives that demonstrate, with demonstrable results, how things can be done differently. Together, we work towards lasting change for an inclusive labor market, sustainable work and a humane economy.

Working together for better

What we do

For the three programs, we have formulated objectives derived from longer-term goals for society as a whole, to which we want to contribute. To make this concrete, we have described "paths of change" for each program. We do not walk these paths ourselves; we look for project partners who can bring about these changes. We support these partners with financial resources as well as with our knowledge, experience and networks. Our small team is thus in close contact with the project partners.

Innovative practice projects involve finding the right way to address a social problem. That way must be proven in practice and become viable, or "market-ready." Practice projects must reach people and businesses and get them moving. Excellent scientific research can serve to guide practice projects, but it can also serve to gain insights and knowledge - which must then be applicable in practice.


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