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Campus Heijendaal is one of Gelderland's largest employment sites. Some 50,000 students, 17,000 employees and 5,000 outpatients travel to and from Heijendaal every day. In order to keep Heijendaal accessible in a sustainable way, the educational institutions on Campus Heijendaal, the Radboudumc, the transport companies, the Provinces of Gelderland and Limburg and the municipality of Nijmegen joined forces a number of years ago in the partnership Duurzaam Bereikbaar Heijendaal. The parties work together on policy measures, improving the public transport supply and infrastructural measures. These measures should contribute to more people leaving their cars at home and less car traffic coming to Heijendaal. This will create room for a better separation of the various traffic flows, a clear parking route and more space for pedestrians, bicycles and public transport.

Duurzaam Bereikbaar Heijendaal is supported from Slim & Schoon Onderweg.

In total, there are a around 30 initiatives all of which have their own trajectory and all of which must contribute to achieving the goals.

Some examples are of the initiatives are:

Stay tuned!
The partnership Duurzaam Bereikbaar Heijendaal is one of the good practices of the SustainaBul MBO. Do you also want to take sustainable steps at your school? Join the SustainaBul MBO network via the website or contact project manager Roos Wemmenhove. Stay informed about learning for sustainable development in the mbo? Subscribe to the network MBO for Tomorrow!

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