Winnaars duurzame docent verkiezing 2024

These are the winners of the Sustainable Teacher Election 2024

Amsterdam, March 14 - "To prepare younger generations for complex challenges, they need tools from sustainable teachers. And we put those sustainable doers in the spotlight together tonight." With these words, Eline Koopman of Leren voor Morgen opened the festive presentation of the Sustainable Teacher Election 2024. In Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, a winner was named from all 12 nominees for each level of education. These lucky ones may call themselves 'Sustainable Teacher 2024': Tessa Hoogeland (po), Nawfal al Jeburi (vo), Thomas Noordeloos (mbo) and Kyra Luiters (ho).

The election provides a stage for these Sustainable Teachers who are paying attention to sustainability in their lessons and in practice and, with future-proof education, preparing children and young people for a world in which climate change will have consequences.

The Evening

The evening included an education fair, a substantive debate on "How can we accelerate the sustainability of education?" and the final highlight: the election of four Sustainable Teachers. In between, the Herman Brood Academy's band Dan D. Lion treated the audience to their music.

The education market gave visitors the opportunity to learn about more than 20 organizations that offer products, services or knowledge when it comes to sustainable education.

During the debate, Michiel Bart (curriculum developer at SLO), Tim Favier (lecturer and researcher, University of Utrecht), Marlise AchterBergh (sustainability coordinator Esprit Scholen), Ginie Servant Miklos (researcher sustainability, psychology and education) and Juliette Bos (industrial design student) answered the question: How can we accelerate the sustainability of education? An urgent question according to Servant Miklos: "We don't show students enough what is really happening in the world. They have no idea that there are already many places where people are suffering because of the effects of climate change."

Sustainable Teachers 2024

In primary education, Tessa Hoogeland emerged as the winner, sharing her title with Hester van der Schee. After all, together they are initiators of Terrawijs: an elementary school they are setting up in Deventer, with sustainability as its starting point. Juror Marko Röttger was particularly impressed by the broad impact: "You start from the education itself. With that, you start from 'inside' and work outwards, for example by setting up activities that take place outside the classroom. That is incredibly strong."

Nawfal al Jeburi, from Stanislascollege in Rijswijk, won in secondary education: "Walking around here tonight feels like coming home. I often feel like I'm swimming against the current, sometimes you start doubting yourself. This award gives hope again!" According to jury member Joanne Malotaux, Nawfal's greatest strength was providing his students with actionable perspective.

"You are a connector, an organizer, you can inspire, analyze, create," said jury member Yasin Yaylali about Thomas Noordeloos, winner from the mbo. He works at Yuverta Tilburg and was labeled as ambitious by the jury. For example, 10 years ago he founded the course "sustainability coordinator.

In higher education, the title went to Kyra Luijters of Hanzehogeschool Groningen. According to jury member Rosa Groen, Kyra particularly stood out because of her many collaborations. As a result, she not only achieves results within her own direction, but also in the region and at other programs and faculties of the school: "You thereby link companies in the North of the Netherlands to education in order to work together on a sustainable world, make beautiful connections and in this way inspire local entrepreneurs as well."

View here the entire jury report of the nominees.

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