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Sustainable development is becoming increasingly important in education. The MBO is also making great strides. SustainaBul MBO is a network of schools that tries to achieve further sustainability in MBO education. They do this through knowledge sharing and cooperation during various meetings. There is also a cooperative ranking in which they encourage each other to take further steps.

Goal of the SustainaBul MBO

With the SustainaBul, Learning for Tomorrow, in collaboration with the Goldschmeding Foundation, to achieve further sustainability in education. We do this by positively stimulating and inspiring education through collaboration, knowledge sharing, peer consultation and benchmarking (how do you score on integrally embedding sustainability in the institution? How does this score compare to other institutions? And where are the areas for improvement to take further steps?).

This is how we and our members contribute in an inspiring and positive way to the quality improvement and renewal of education and the joint development towards a sustainable society and labor market!

"In today's society, it is our social mission for MBO schools to prepare our students well for the professions of the future. The world around us is constantly changing. In it, there are many themes that are important. The climate, energy, food and human and animal welfare, these are the themes that are important." - Cyrille van Bragt, Board of Directors at Yuverta

Approach of SustainaBul MBO

SustainaBul MBO is a network of schools trying to achieve further sustainability in MBO education. They do this through knowledge sharing and cooperation in various meetings. The SustainaBul is based on the Whole School Approach for sustainable development and peer consultation therefore takes place around the themes of education, practice, operations and their integral approach.

Participants also complete a questionnaire on sustainability within the school. These questions provide a clear framework for a sustainable school and help in drafting and monitoring sustainability policies. The questionnaire and methodology can also be used as a benchmark tool. At the end of the year, all participants are festively honored at the presentation of the SustainaBul. With this we put the schools and the role they play in the transition in the spotlight! Because all roles are important in the transition, we work with three categories: Kickstarters, Accelerators and Leaders.

Would you like to know more about this? Then check out the website of SustainaBul MBO!
Read the extensive experience stories of Albeda & ROC Rivor and Yuverta & ROC of Amsterdam-Flevoland

Dominique MajoorYou can only really make meters if you do it together
"The SustainaBul is such a great tool for you and your colleagues to take a critical look at how your school approaches sustainability. Above all, it shows very well your growth and the steps made. I think we all need to embrace the SDGs, not only in our own actions but also towards students and the work field, a SustainaBul really helps with that." - Dominique Majoor, Board of Governors, Koning Willem I College

Netty BonouvriéDon't think you're not ready to join yet, just start!

"We started participating for inspiration, to exchange experiences, to be able to ask questions in the app group and to keep the topic of sustainability on the agenda internally. Come attend the first meeting and don't think you're not ready to join yet: just start, you can do it small too." - Netty Bonouvrié, senior policy officer, ROC Rivor

The basis of sustainability transition lies in practical education
"Actually, we use the questionnaire every year to see what areas we can do even better. For example in the area of biodiversity, which has developed from a mowed lawn on the school grounds towards a flower strip, vegetable garden, insect hotels, bird houses and a green mowing policy. And that in the middle of Lelystad." - Joost van Blanken, lecturer and project officer CRE, ROC van Amsterdam-Flevoland
Atelier KersenVeldt


May 2024
Thu May 30, 2024, 09:00 U - 10:00 U
Online via Teams
June 2024
Thu, June 6, 2024, 1:30 p.m. - 14:30 U
Online via Teams
September 2024
Mon September 16, 2024, 15:00 U - 17:00 hrs
Online, Teams
November 2024
Fri Nov 29, 2024 - 00:00 U


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