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The circular skills required in the labor market are changing rapidly. For this, it is important that education is connected to the environment. The six didactic cores of learning for sustainable development develop skills for designing up-to-date and flexible education. Education aimed at preparing for the changing society, education that is in contact with the labor market and education aimed at training students who can deal with complex sustainability issues. This project focuses on the professional development of MBO teachers in the field of circular skills.

Subject-specific circular skills will continue to change under the influence of technology and the sustainability issues we face. It is therefore important to teach students to make sustainable trade-offs and look for what techniques they need to act circularly. This will enable them to make a valuable contribution to a sustainable - and circular - society.

Awareness of this among teachers is therefore the first step. They work with their students on subject-specific circular skills but, using the didactic cores of learning for sustainable development, immediately create the opportunity for students to make choices, look critically and act based on the values that are important to them and their environment.

Goals of the project

  • Awareness among MBO teachers on their role in training students to work in a circular economy
  • MBO teachers learn to use the didactic cores of Learning for Sustainable Development to convey circular skills in MBO
  • Connection between circular companies from the region and the mbo

The approach
We have chosen an approach in which we provide teachers with tools they can use to redesign their own education. These tools are: connecting with circular companies in the region. This offers inspiration, awareness a strengthening and/or broadening of the network for this specific purpose; the trend report of LvM and ISSO for knowledge and substantiation; The six cores of Learning for Sustainable Development to design; and facilitating the conversation about education and circular economy with colleagues.

With the activities below, we are giving shape to the intended goals of the program. You can read more about these activities here!

  1. Field consultation with mbo teachers and companies
  2. 2-day design training:
    • Day part 1: inspiration session circular skills with companies
    • Day 2: Design: translating circular skills into your own teaching

Teachers from the architecture team at Technova College in Ede participated in the project. Also involved were several regional companies, the Living Lab region Foodvalley Circular and Knooppunt Techniek.

Want to know more?
Want to know more about this project? Then please contact Guido Bastiaans from O3 Effect

Join Sustainability Skills!
This project has now been completed. Below we tell you how to join the program.

  • Would your organization like to join one of the existing regional collaborations (Friesland; Flevoland; Utrecht; South Holland; Rotterdam)? If so, please contact Daan de Kruijf at daan@lerenvoormorgen.org.
  • Does your initiative connect education, business, government and researchers at the regional level? And would you like to join the program to develop and/or grow this initiative? We would like to get to know you better. Fill in this questionnaire and we will contact you within 7 business days!
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