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This project aims to develop the skills teachers need for circular curriculum redesign. In doing so, we look at raising awareness of training for a circular economy and the role of education in it. In connection with the environment, vmbo teachers develop the skills they need to keep education flexible and train students with the skills they need for the future.

As we move toward a circular economy, we must educate young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to thrive in this society. In doing so, it is important that educators connect education to the environment and local transition issues. To do this, they need skills for circular curriculum redesign. This project was carried out at the STO Amstelland. Three vmbo schools from this partnership participated in the project: Sg Panta Rhei from Amstelveen, Vakcollege Thamen from Uithoorn and the Veenlanden College from Mijdrecht.

The goals of the project 

  • Generate awareness among teachers and school management about what training for a circular economy and labor market means and how education can take its role in that regard
  • Connect teachers to the environment with the right circular partners who can give them input into what they are training for. (strengthen network)
  • Provide teachers with visibility into how circular skills can be (partially) integrated into the curriculum and how to keep teaching flexible.
  • Provide a learning experience for teachers in the innovation/design of teaching based on the needs (for circular skills) of the environment
  • A partially revamped curriculum at the vmbo school that incorporates circular skills.

The approach
The approach starts with awareness of "the purpose" of education and the urgency for change. aast awareness and urgency, it is important to create a sense of actionability. Therefore, in addition to awareness, we focus on training teachers in curriculum redesign for circular skills. As a third starting point, we use multidisciplinary collaboration. The knowledge about circular skills is present in the labor market. We connect experts and education and work on targeted redesign with appropriate circular content.

With the activities below, we are giving shape to the intended goals of the program. You can read more about these activities here!

1. Circular tour and inspiration session - raise awareness on circular economy and skills using companies from the immediate area.

2. Training: Translating Circular Skills into Own Education - What skills emerged (indicate) from the companies' presentations and how can they be translated into an existing educational activity?

3. Brainstorming session: The sessions were used to gain insight into the cooperation, goals and strategy of STO Amstelland for the integration of circular skills in education.

4. Development of program for teachers associated with STO-Amstelland focused on the themes of sustainability, robotics, subject integration and Tech & Mentality. A broad program in which teachers are offered tools to orient students to technology from ownership, independence and a broad perspective.

5. Workshop: (Re)designing teaching activity - Using the 6 didactic cores of LvDO, (re)design an existing or new teaching activity to integrate circular skills.

6. Conversation with school leaders - Talk with members of the school leadership of the schools involved about their own urgency/interest in making room for educational development aimed at connecting labor market and circularity.

Want to know more?
Want to know more about this project? Then please contact Guido Bastiaans from O3 Effect

Join Sustainability Skills!
This project has now been completed. Below we tell you how to join the program.

  • Would your organization like to join one of the existing regional collaborations (Friesland; Flevoland; Utrecht; South Holland; Rotterdam)? If so, please contact Daan de Kruijf at daan@lerenvoormorgen.org.
  • Does your initiative connect education, business, government and researchers at the regional level? And would you like to join the program to develop and/or grow this initiative? We would like to get to know you better. Fill in this questionnaire and we will contact you within 7 business days!
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