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NME center De Woudreus

We are a center for Nature and Sustainability Communication. We provide, together with 3 colleague centers that fall under the ODRU, activities that promote awareness and sustainable behavior.

What we do

One of our pillars is education (target groups primary and secondary education). We offer teaching materials (lesson boxes, nature-in-the-classroom packages, excursions, projects), but we also work with a demand-oriented approach. We inform schools about developments in the field of nature and sustainability education.

Our second pillar is participation. With public-oriented activities, we give the sustainability policy (and health policy) of the municipality of De Ronde Venen hands and feet. Think of litter campaigns, tile-swiping, stimulating the construction of picking gardens and placing insect shelters.

Our third pillar is recreation. Mainly aimed at families and children aged 4 - 12 years. With our activities we encourage outdoor play, nature experience and appreciation, among other things. We organize activities together with local partners and construct natural playgrounds with the municipality.

What we offer

A network, teaching materials and advice

Expertise in SDG

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