Professional Development

Who do we learn from?

In addition to questions of what, how and where young people learn, there is also the question of what we ourselves, as education makers, need to learn. The "professional development" petal focuses on all staff in the school, from janitors to teachers and from policy makers to principals.

As an individual teacher you can have your knowledge and skills for sustainable development refreshed, but it is also important to talk to each other as a team: what do you have together, what are different colleagues interested in and what knowledge and skills are you missing or in need of?

The educational institution can stimulate the discussion by putting this topic on the agenda, and include sustainable actions and thinking as a theme during study days or development interviews. In addition, visits to regional entrepreneurs or organizations that are actively working with circular economy or the Sustainable Development Goals can be very inspiring. There are also numerous webinars and online lectures that you can participate in individually or as a team.

Finally, it is also up to the human resources department to play a role in specific continuing education or training. Learning to think and act sustainably does not only require knowledge about sustainability issues. It also requires teacher competencies such as network building, systems thinking and developing a certain didactic creativity.

Questions to discuss with each other

  • What knowledge, skills and talents do we already have?
  • How can we strengthen each other in our professionalism for sustainable development?
  • Are we up to date in terms of sustainable developments in our field?
  • How do we as a team discuss social developments and their impact on our education?
  • How do we as a team structurally organize the space to talk with each other about what concerns young people and what the world asks of them in this day and age?


  • Individual and joint
  • Continuing education and training
  • Inspiring and knowledgeable team
  • HRM
  • Reflection

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