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CoP Vision & Leadership

In several regions, teachers, professors and school leaders in vmbo, mbo and hbo are experimenting with ways to involve issues of sustainable development in their environment in the education they provide. School leaders, education managers and program managers are working on vision and leadership to innovate for sustainable development in their schools or departments. To encourage supra-regional knowledge development on this theme, we are organizing a Community of Practice (CoP). 

In the Community of Practice, school leaders, education managers and program managers from secondary education and vocational education work together. The starting point of the Community of Practice is that participants learn and develop at the same time: in the community they find inspiration, practical knowledge and support to take their practical issues further. They then apply this in practice and bring back new insights to the community.

In addition to this Community of Practice, there are also CoPs around hybrid learning environments, and vision & leadership. They have a joint kick-off session and three follow-up sessions per group. Facilitators supported the three Communities of Practice with intake interviews, the guidance of the sessions, with creative work forms and inviting experts in the field of educational innovation, transition issues or (learning for) sustainable development.

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The CoP hybrid learning environments is now complete. Below we tell you how you can join the program.

  • Would your organization like to join one of the existing regional collaborations (Friesland; Flevoland; Utrecht; South Holland; Rotterdam)? If so, please contact Daan de Kruijf at
  • Does your initiative connect education, business, government and researchers at the regional level? And would you like to join the program to develop and/or grow this initiative? We would like to get to know you better. Fill in this questionnaire and we will contact you within 7 business days!
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