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Nature Based Solutions (NBS).

In 2022, Yuverta began an exploration of how we can Nature Based Solutions (NBS) can best work out within the curricula of our MBO courses. We see NBS as the way blue-green education can contribute to a climate-resilient future.

Yuverta wants to be significant by excelling in blue-green education. Yuverta does this by being a leader in training human capital ("Yuvertians") who, in co-creation with regional partners, make joint impact on sustainability themes (SDGs), particularly in the form of social dialogue and participation in innovation processes. Quality culture, a little better every day, is part of this.


In order to propagate this ambition optimally in the coming years, the ideas of nature-based solutions (NBS) can serve as a foundation within the curriculum. In this way we train Yuvertians who have a broad knowledge base, specific professional knowledge and necessary skills to contribute to the major social tasks from nature. This body of thought is currently not (actively) embedded and therefore means a redesign of the curriculum and a transition in working and thinking. As a curriculum redesign takes place in the coming months, there is on the one hand a great urgency and at the same time a unique opportunity to seize the momentum now to integrate NBS into Yuverta education.

The core ambition is that the ideas of NBS form the basis of Yuverta's training portfolio and thereby become part of the DNA of Yuvertians. This is not limited to the various roles internally within Yuverta, but is also reflected in relationships and collaborations with partners in the region, in training human capital (Yuvertians) and in jointly making social impact. With a larger impact goal: Yuvertians, involved, innovative and entrepreneurial, contribute to a sustainable society. With a focus on our blue-green education. Directly and indirectly, on internships, at work and in their private lives.

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NBS of Yuverta is one of the good practices of the SustainaBul MBO. Do you also want to take sustainable steps at your school? Join the SustainaBul MBO network via the website or contact project manager Roos Wemmenhove. Stay informed about learning for sustainable development in the mbo? Subscribe to the network MBO for Tomorrow!

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