Rettet den Wald

Art project 'Rettet den Wald'

Charlemagne College Nijmegen

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120 students from 4 and 5 havo, 6 teachers, 2 teaching support staff, the Valkhof Museum, learning-working company the City Tree

Good Practice
Art project 'Rettet den Wald'

The occasion was the exhibition "Rettet den Wald" at the Valkhof Museum in Nijmegen. The exhibition was a tribute to Joseph Beuys, the first climate activist in the 1970s, and showed work by several artists, all with the intention of exposing the climate issue and in particular the consequences for nature. An introduction was provided based on an accompanying presentation by the curator. They then viewed the exhibition with a questionnaire for reflection.

At school they were all allowed to create their own interpretation in the form of an artwork, drawing, collage. In this they were free, but materials were provided. This involved wood from a work-study company: "De Stadsboom". De Stadsboom works with young people with a distance to the labor market and the wood they process comes from special locations in Nijmegen. In one hour the students made beautiful products. Students who wanted to were also allowed to plant a new tree in the school garden in the available time. A wonderful project in which the environment and circumstances were optimally used to shape a project "in connection".

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Art project Rettet den Wald of the Karel de Grote College Nijmegen is one of the good practices of the SustainaBul VO. Do you also want to take sustainable steps at your school? Join the SustainaBul VO network via the website or contact project manager Eline Koopman. Stay updated on learning for sustainable development in secondary education? Sign up for the network VO for Tomorrow!

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