Sustainable education manifesto from Learning for Tomorrow

From SDG Netherlands and the Alliance Coordinators of the 17 SDGs a call has been made to pay more attention to sustainability during the formation. In order to pay specific attention to education, a number of LvM members, with the help of Time is Now, have written their own manifesto with a number of practical suggestions for politicians. On May 11, the manifesto was presented to the Dutch Parliament.

Our manifesto in brief

At present, there is no explicit vision and policy on the role of education in realizing the desired sustainable future. Our education system has hardly changed in the last fifty years. The legal learning objectives for PO and VO have not been adapted since 2007 and, despite a promising process within, it remains to be seen whether this will happen substantially in the coming years.

The education debate is mainly about disadvantages, salaries and inequality of opportunity. These are, of course, important contingent elements, but the primary task of education is to prepare pupils and students for society and the issues of the future. In addition to the question of "what" and "how", it is precisely the question of "what" that is essential.

We expect the government to play a stimulating and facilitating role in the field of sustainability education. From the educational sector, we expect the embedding of sustainability in policy and integrated programs, with more room for the teacher to respond to current events in a cross-curricular dialogue with their own environment.

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