Teaching Manual Circular Skills in Construction

What are circular skills? Why are they so important in construction and installation education right now? How can you as a teacher work with circular construction in a concrete way? In this project we developed a teaching guide with portraits and practical stories of teachers from all levels of vocational education who are inspiring because they 'just do' circular building.

The education manual was created with experts in the fields of circular building, circular education and circular economy. For teachers, students and others interested in training for circular building we organized four design sessions. The goal was to put together an inspiring education manual on circular skills.

We share the result of this as a 'living document' through a website, because knowledge and skills for a circular construction economy are developing rapidly. Here you will find portraits and practical stories of teachers from all levels of vocational education who inspire, because they 'just do' circular building. Of students who give their own meaning to the concept of circularity in the building they design. Of a large construction company that dreams of waste-free construction sites. Of successfully building future value together by organizing cross-pollinations between the educational field, business and government. And practical "building blocks," such as the vmbo exam subject Circular Construction, available to all schools by September 2021.

These stories illustrate circular doing and thinking in several areas of construction education. Want to learn more about them? Then check out the articles on the Whole School Approach (WSA), about the various circular skills and about the changes you can initiate yourself with a Transition Do-Agenda. Get inspired by the methods you can use in lessons. And pass on your inspiration, as the people portrayed do!

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