Guido Bastiaans


As a former PE teacher and school leader in education, I have been able to experience from the inside how difficult it can sometimes be to work on educational development/innovation. On the other hand, I have also been able to experience where the opportunities and possibilities to innovate lie. The innovation opportunities focused on sustainable and circular lie particularly in working together with the environment, working from a shared vision with a strategy that involves and connects all stakeholders.

With O3-Effect I like to contribute to the social mission of education; preparing students and pupils for the future. This requires education to continue to anticipate a changing world. Education plays a crucial role in imparting values, knowledge and skills that fit the issues of today and the future.

New citizenship
As far as I am concerned, it is about working together to educate a critical conscious generation of citizens who contribute to a society where sustainable development is the new normal with the circular economy as a solution direction for balancing People, Planet, Prosperity.

O3 Effect
With O3 Effect I work on creating new perspectives for action by organizing and guiding the conversation and meeting within the educational organization but also between education, business and local government. Where possible and necessary, I work together with partners who can add their expertise to the innovation process of the project or organization concerned. Within the cooperative I regularly work together with Daan de kruif, Stan Freiters, Jacomijn de Vries, Maurijn Odé and Heleentje Swart. Through the link above you can read more about O3-Effect.

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