Merijn Neeleman


With 20 years of experience as a driver of innovation in the high-tech industry (Philips, Océ, Canon, Ultimaker, among others), I have deeply experienced the importance of bringing multiple perspectives together in an emphatic creative process to arrive at meaningful solutions. With my innovation consulting firm Neeleman Innovation, I assist a wide range of companies and institutions to set up and help facilitate such processes. Gradually, the importance of applying such processes to social issues and education has become increasingly clear to me.

This is now the biggest source of motivation for me. And the most important example of this is organizing and facilitating a transdisciplinary learning community around sustainable construction. I do this together with Cora Jongenotter from Hogeschool Rotterdam, in collaboration with Leren voor Morgen and with the participation of various construction companies, experts and knowledge partners.

Knowledge about: innovation processes in (product) industry, education and construction

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