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Sustainable development is becoming increasingly important in education. Also more and more VO schools find this important. The SustainaBul VO stimulates and supports schools to make education more sustainable. In doing so, the schools help each other with the implementation of the SDGs.

Purpose of the SustainaBul VO

With the SustainaBul we try to achieve further sustainability in education. This is done by stimulating schools through competition, but also by sharing knowledge and experiences. In this way, Leren voor Morgen tries to make a positive and inspiring contribution to the improvement of the quality of education and the development towards a sustainable society.

We think it is important that the ownership of the SustainaBul VO lies with the schools themselves. No external party coming into the school, but the VO schools themselves learning from each other, sharing best practices and developing together into sustainable schools.

Approach SustainaBul VO

The SustainaBul is an annual cooperative benchmark and ranking of secondary school sustainability. Based on a questionnaire, the schools map out how they develop sustainability in the school. This gives them insight into where they stand and what next steps can be taken. Through progress and ranking sessions the participants discuss and evaluate the progress and results with each other. Based on this, the participants draw up an annual ranking. All participants are annually put in the spotlight and are thus nationally put on the map as schools that consider sustainability and the SDGs important.

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