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Inspirational guide SustainaBul VO 2022

Do you want to work with the different topics from the SustainaBul benchmark? And are you looking for inspiration and tips? This inspiration guide offers inspiration and tools to get started.

More and more teachers and school leaders are aware of the importance of sustainability and want to contribute to a livable planet in their schools.

Do you also want to get started with sustainability and are looking for examples of policies and measures? This guide will give you answers. In the guide you will find a rich collection of sustainable good practices from secondary education. Every example, small or large, is another step in the right direction.

Do you also want to take sustainable steps at your school? Join the SustainaBul VO network. You can do so through the SustainaBul VO website (vo.sustainabul.com) or contact us.

With the help of the SustainaBul questionnaire, together we keep getting one step further. Get involved too!


Download the inspiration guide here!

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