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Nova College Vavo (Amstelveen, Haarlem & Hoofddorp)

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1200 students, all vavo teachers and education support staff, municipalities, secondary schools, UWV and companies

Good Practice
Our vavo is second-chance education as we seek to increase equity. SDGs 3, 4, 5 and 10 are central to this. We do this by providing as much customization and good guidance as possible.

Each student has an individual customized schedule where not everyone takes the same number of courses. If someone can only take a few subjects due to top-level sports, chronic illness, mental health or home situation (such as informal care or poverty that requires you to work in addition to school), only those subjects are scheduled and they can take the other subjects the following year. This allows final exams to be spread out over several years. This lowers the pressure for some students, allowing them to eventually get their diploma.

In addition, guidance is available from the mentor, track counselor, study center, school social worker and/or school psychologist. All the student and sometimes the parents have to do is communicate openly and honestly. After all, getting help early on always works better than getting help only after the arrears have already built up considerably. That is why we have an extensive intake and try to make clear what our possibilities are and where our limits lie. We want them to start their education with a realistic and achievable goal. Step by step, we move toward realizing the student's dreams, focusing on that first step.

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Customized Vavo at Nova College is one of the good practices of the SustainaBul VO. Do you also want to take sustainable steps at your school? Join the SustainaBul VO network via the website or contact project manager Eline Koopman. Stay updated on learning for sustainable development in secondary education? Sign up for the network VO for Tomorrow!

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