Watch webinar 'Pedagogy and didactics in relation to sustainability'

A series of meetings on key developments on sustainability in education were held in November. The meetings can be watched back on this website and are of interest to a wide audience. In addition to school administrators, school leaders and teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary education, other interested parties are cordially invited to watch the meetings back.

Participants in the webinar were looking for pedagogical and didactic tools for all things sustainability.

Together with table guests Gert Biesta (professor of pedagogy at Maynooth University (Ireland) and the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) and member of the Education Council),  Jan Hat (Teacher trainer Learning for Sustainable Development at the Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen), Wieneke Maris (geography teacher at the International school in The Hague and elected Sustainable Teacher 2019), Anja Otten (Director Integral Child Center Success Forest in Zelhem) and Dieuwke Hovinga (Lecturer in Nature and Child Development) sought answers to questions such as:

  • How do you incorporate sustainability principles into the three goals of education (qualification, socialization and personal formation)?
  • What is the role of the teacher, the educator?
  • Does teaching about sustainability require specific forms of work and learning environment?
  • Is sustainability in education the same as forward-looking education?

In addition, participants received practical, inspiring tips and tools, and there is an opportunity to ask questions online.

This webinar is part of the series of webinars organized prior to the 'Working meeting Sustainability in Education' on Nov. 27.

Links referenced in the webinar:

  • Sustainability in education: agenda or principle? A plea for realism. Article in Values Work, by Gert Biesta.
  • Book World-centered education, by Gert Biesta
  • Book Sustainable development in primary education; a future- and development-oriented perspective. By Stan Frijters i.s.m. the school leaders knowledge circle Sustainable Development in primary education
  • Nature as co-educator. Dieuwke Hovinga, from the Pedagogue
  • Discovery and appropriation; Learning about people's multifaceted relationship with nature in NME sustainable development courses. Dieuwke Hovinga
  • Website on Learning for Sustainable Development, which was referenced by Jan Hoed.

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