Tools for Future-proof Education

Do you also want to work on Learning for Sustainable Development at school? Then make use of these handy tools!

This document is a collection of tools for schools that want to become more sustainable. Per tool is indicated in which educational tier or tiers (PO, VO, MBO, HO) it can be used. It is not exhaustive and can be supplemented. The aim is to share the most important initiatives and to cover all the different sustainable themes. Are there any sustainable tools you think are missing? Let us know and send an email to onderwijs@lerenvoormorgen.org
Have you used or developed a teaching tool yourself that fits well with learning for sustainable development? For example, a lesson on the SDGs, an assignment on climate and energy or a lesson plan on diversity and inclusion? You can easily find these learning resources on Wikiwijs places so that lots of teachers can find and use it.

Learning for Tomorrow manages the theme page Learning for Sustainable Development, which contains teaching materials with the hallmark Learning for Sustainable Development. By bundling teaching materials and providing them with a hallmark, together we create a collection of teaching materials that teachers throughout the Netherlands can use. Share your materials for this theme page with leermiddelen@lerenvoormorgen.org To get to the topic page.

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