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LinC stands for Learning in New Contexts. We work with schools on the educational innovation needed for new ways of learning and sustainable development.

What we do

LinC is committed to inspiring education to work differently. LinC guides schools to step out of their comfort zone by connecting with community parties and guiding innovative educational processes. LinC makes it easier for schools to experiment with new forms of education that better train for the skills needed for a sustainable future.

LinC, together with the education system, identifies the demand and works on customized

Supervising educational innovation processes (for the purpose of sustainable development)

Organizing Innovation Labs where different parties crack issues together such as "what does the learning environment of the future look like?" or How can we organize our education differently so we can work on new ways of learning?"

Assignments from schools, social partners or programs to establish connections between education and the environment. For example, by mapping the needs of schools or and facilitating sessions in which partners search for new forms of cooperation

Supporting or coaching school leaders in innovation processes

What we offer

  • Physical events
  • Opinion
  • Pilot Projects

Expertise in SDG

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