Sustainability in the DNA of the School

To encourage schools in practical education, vmbo, mbo and hbo to form their own vision and strategy for learning for sustainable development using the Route Map Sustainable Education, Leren voor Morgen has extended its incentive scheme.

More and more schools are aware that the challenges we face as a society require a change in the way we treat each other and the earth. On small and large scales and in many projects they are exploring how we can build a sustainable society, a circular economy, a better world. As a school, how do you prepare students at the core for these challenges? And how do you embed sustainable thinking and doing into the DNA of your school?

To help schools integrate sustainable development into the core of education, the Learning for Tomorrow cooperative will present a visioning tool by the end of August 2021: the Sustainable Education Roadmap. The roadmap helps school leaders, teachers, students, parents, community residents and local business owners to work together to develop a vision of what sustainability means to them, and to develop that vision into a concrete strategy that addresses all elements of the Whole School Approach: curriculum, pedagogy and didactics, building and operations, professional development and environment.


Every school in the Dutch primary and secondary schools can apply for co-financing from Leren voor Morgen to use the roadmap to develop a vision and strategy for learning for sustainable development. For the whole school or a department within the school.

Funding from Learning for Tomorrow is up to 40% of the total cost and up to € 5,000. This contribution can be used to appoint a project leader internally and go through the roadmap on your own, or to hire external guidance by a member of Learning for Tomorrow. In both cases the following conditions apply:

- The school itself invests in the project by freeing up hours for teachers, pupils, school management and (facilities) staff and/or by hiring external guidance from a member of Leren voor Morgen. This investment amounts to at least 60% of the total cost of the project.
- The school provides transparency in the visioning process by keeping a Guide on the progress of the project throughout the project.
- The school evaluates (possibly with the external facilitator) how the process went and also shares this evaluation on Guides, to encourage knowledge sharing between schools.

Sign up

Are you interested in working with the roadmap? Or do you have questions about this tool or the incentive program? If so, please contact: Froukje Zumbrink and fill out the application form.

Each application is carefully considered but due to limited funding, a limited number of applications are selected each quarter. Please also feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with the roadmap but do not fall within the target group for this scheme.

The incentive scheme Sustainability in the School DNA is made possible in part by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and the Economy.


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