SustainaBul VO: experiences Esprit schools & Yuverta

SustainaBul VO 2023
The SustainaBul VO is a network of schools trying to achieve further sustainability in vo education. Below you can read the experiences of 2 educational institutions in the network!

Marlise Achterbergh - Sustainability coordinator at Esprit Schools
"Sustainable development in secondary education is important because the education we provide not only prepares students for the future, but also shapes the future. Sustainability is one of the pillars of our education manifesto. All Esprit schools therefore endorse its importance. Participating in the SustainaBul and winning the Sustainabul was a way for us to make sustainability even more part of our identity.

We have our own sustainability plan. Using the Whole School approach, we have established goals and a timeline for all components (curriculum, pedagogy, didactics, building, operations, professionalization and environment). For example, we set up a Sustainability Teacher Network, created a CO2 reduction plan and created a sustainability fund. Meanwhile, I sit in a monthly online meet with other sustainability coordinators. It's very helpful to hear how their school groups are doing things. We share documents and tips.

What is left to give to schools that are not yet participating: Get involved! Filling out the SustainaBul is a useful exercise, you build a network and together we get further. The afternoon of the presentation was festive and substantive."

Lonneke Knegtel - Member of team Sustainability at Yuverta
"The sustainable transition we all have to make will only succeed if as many people as possible play an active role in it. That is why it is important that throughout the education system (from elementary school, to secondary school, to further education) students learn what is going on and how they themselves can contribute to a more sustainable world. The reason for us to participate in the SustainaBul VO is that it is a great way to map out the state of affairs for ourselves and to enter into dialogue with other institutions about it.

The sustainability through the whole school approach there is an ongoing process that has been going on for years and will continue for a long time. It is difficult to highlight there specifically what happened this year, but in 2023, among other things, the sustainability team was established within the institution of which I myself am a part. Among other things, we worked last year on training offerings that included Climate fresk and climate conversations.

We met the coordinator of Esprit schools at the award meeting. This led to a collaboration so that now, among other things, some people from Yuverta will participate in a training session on sustainability tactics organized by Esprit schools.

What I would like to give to schools that are not yet participating: I would do it anyway. Completing the entire questionnaire is a lot of work. For us it is certainly worthwhile, but I can imagine that it is not feasible for everyone. I do think it's worthwhile to get involved and see how far you get. This is going to lead to new insights anyway."

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