Circular Skills

In the Circular Skills project, teachers, school leaders, trainers, researchers, and advisors explore together how to train young people for a circular, inclusive society.

Purpose of Circular Skills

Met steun van het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat en de Goldschmeding Foundation voor Mens, Werk en Economie werkt Leren voor Morgen sinds 2019 aan het Circular Skills project. Het doel van Circular Skills is om (toekomstige) werkenden toe te rusten met de vaardigheden, kennis en houding die zij nodig hebben om te floreren in een circulaire, inclusieve samenleving. We verbinden onderwijsinstellingen, bedrijven, onderzoeksinstellingen en overheden om zich samen te buigen over het leren dat moet plaatsvinden in en tussen organisaties om de circulaire transitie succesvol te doorlopen.
The project focuses in particular on boosting and scaling up educational innovation in VMBO, MBO and HBO and making that learning possible for pupils and students. In addition, we support entrepreneurs and governments to work on the transition as learning and connecting organizations.

Approach to Circular Skills

Together with teachers, school leaders, trainers, advisors and researchers, we discover what it means to train for a circular, inclusive society. In the region we connect the vmbo, mbo and hbo with local, circular pioneers. Together they map out the transition in their region; study the consequences for labor market and education; and get to work on practical projects to promote learning for the circular economy in the region. At the national level, educational innovators are working together in communities of practice to develop a supra-regional approach. Education authorities and councils are involved in implementation to gain perspective on future-proof qualification. Regional civil servants and administrators participate in learning meetings to strengthen their role as connectors and boosters of learning for a circular economy. Learning for Tomorrow monitors the progress of circularity in vocational education and uses a catalyst to show how the Netherlands is doing and what teachers, school leaders, businesses and governments can do to move forward.

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Timeline circular skills in key moments

October 2019:
The Circular Skills project is starting in the mbo, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

January 2020:
The Circular Skills project is being extended to secondary schools and colleges, with support from the Goldschmeding Foundation for Man, Work and Economy. Seven pilot projects will start at educational institutions throughout the country.

January 2020:
Learning for Tomorrow and ISSO present an exploration of Circular Skills in the construction and installation sector.

March 2020:
O3-Effect, Stichting Technotrend and DOON start a teacher consultation to map the state of affairs regarding the circular economy in pro, vmbo, mbo and hbo. Some 150 teachers will take part in the consultation.

June 2020:
Learning for Tomorrow and SME present the report of an in-depth market consultation on Circular Skills in the construction and installation sector. Some 45 companies are participating in the consultation.

October 2020:
Leren voor Morgen and Stichting Technotrend, together with Globe College, ROC TOP and Hogeschool Utrecht, are starting a pilot with knowledge sharing platform Guides.

December 2020:
Sustainable MBO launches the "Circular Skills in Construction" page, with modules, clip courses and guides on circular building, development and installation.

January 2021:
The first set of pilot projects is completed. A new series of 6 projects will start.

February 2021:
Learning for Tomorrow, IkCirculeer, SME and Circular Friesland are launching the Education Manual Circular Skills in Construction.

March 2021:
Learning for Tomorrow, NADO and Teachers for Climate are hosting two livecasts on Circular Skills from Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

May 2021:
The first Circular Skills symposium takes place digitally. Together, participants map out successes achieved and upcoming challenges.

May 2021:
Leren voor Morgen, Het Groene Brein, ISSO, S-BB, MBO College Lelystad, de Haagse Hogeschool and Hogeschool Zuyd present the talk sheet "Circular Skills in Context" to clarify what Circular Skills are.

June 2021:
Learning for Tomorrow is organizing a series of stakeholder dialogues in which participants from education, business, knowledge institutions, governments and the social field enter into dialogue with each other about the issue of 'learning and training for a circular economy'.

September 2021:
Learning for Tomorrow, Technotrend Foundation, SME, ManageMind Group, Bright Future Lab, Teachers for Climate, Heart & Head and Guides present the Sustainable Education Roadmap: a tool that allows schools to develop an integral and broadly supported vision and strategy for learning for sustainable development based on the Whole School Approach.

September 2021:
With support from Learning for Tomorrow, the Purpose Works initiative is starting to future-proof executive construction companies using Circular Skills.

October 2021:
Learning for Tomorrow, SME and NADO present the report of an in-depth market consultation on Circular Skills in the manufacturing industry. Some 15 pioneers from the world of circular textiles and furniture participated.

November 2021:
CINOP presents the report of an exploratory study on monitoring circular economy in vocational education.

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