Circular Skills in Textiles

Teachers from the various teams of the ROC of Amsterdam are working to change the curricula of its fashion courses based on new qualification dossiers, in which sustainable development and circular skills are new requirements. This project aims to realize and strengthen a sustainable collaboration between the ROC and circular fashion and industry companies.

With the Circular Skills in Textiles project, we are working on a collaboration between the ROC and companies in the area working on sustainable fashion and textiles. Hereby the circular expertise from the business community is embedded in the courses and we ensure a good connection between the courses and the circular skills needed for these companies. Thus, the sustainable skills of both teachers and students are strengthened and we close the gap between training and the labor market.

It also contributed to a collaboration between Denim City, an organization around the circular Jeans production chain, and fashion colleges nationwide. The online platform Guides was used for knowledge sharing around circular skills in the fashion sector.

Several activities took place in the project:

  • A series of interviews with fashion education managers at ROC van Amsterdam about the wishes, requirements and possibilities of the circular skills program.
  • Forming. a network of circular fashion and textile companies to explore opportunities for win-win collaboration with the ROC.
  • Making Denim City's circular training offerings accessible to MBO programs nationwide.
  • Co-creation and implementation of the circular skills program for first-year students at the ROC of Amsterdam.


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