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Rolls Foundation

The Center for Nature and Environmental Education in Sittard-Geleen and surroundings. We envision a future where everyone feels connected to nature and each other; 'Connecting for sustainability' with heart, head and hands. In schools and in the neighborhoods with the Global Goals as a common language.

What we do

We believe in education from (nature) experience and one's own learning demand based on "Research & Design" (R&D), "Science, Technology, Engeneering, Arts and Mathmatics" (STEAM) and "Nature, Life and Technology" (NLT).

Participation focused on neighborhoods that are socio-economically disadvantaged. Under the motto of the Global Goals 'No one left behind', we want to reach residents who are currently unable to participate in the transition. What we do is community building; strengthening the neighborhood network by working together with social work, housing corporations, associations and local entrepreneurs.

What we offer

Courses, physical events, teaching materials, consulting and pilot projects

Expertise in SDG

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