Uitreiking duurzame docent verkiezing 2022

These are the winners of the Sustainable Teacher Election

Involves students, fulfills inspirational role, collaborates and has an integral view of sustainability. All criteria that a Sustainable Teacher, according to the jury criteria, must meet. On November 23, the winners of the Sustainable Teacher Award 2022 were announced in Pakhuis de Zwijger. One teacher from primary education, secondary education, vocational education and higher education was chosen from all applications.

The ceremony

During the annual Sustainable Teacher Election, we highlight teachers who pay attention to sustainability in their teaching and practice. These teachers dedicate themselves every day to preparing the younger generation for the complex future that awaits them. The election offers the inspiring and hardworking teachers a stage.

Prior to the presentation, a sustainable education market was organized. The Special Education debate also answered the question, "How do we use education to provide actionable perspectives for young people?"

The Sustainable Teachers 2022

In primary education, Robert Kwist, from the Oranjeschool in Rotterdam, as the winner. Jury member Nick van Breda: "I think it's cool that you arrange everything for the students who came up with it. They can draw their own plan and you give them the drawing board to shape their ideas on. Then you arrange it 'outside' with external parties."

Jocelyn Janssen, from Campus 013 in Tilburg, won in secondary education. "It is extraordinary how you have managed to integrate sustainability within the entire school, very hands-on, in different subjects. Hopefully more secondary schools will follow your example and think: it can be done!", says Wieneke Maris, former winner and member of the jury.

In the mbo made Yvette Barewijk, from ROC College Hilversum, had the most impact. Her teaching approach immediately made her the winner for jury member Colien Langerwerf: "Because the students know at the end of the course what their footprint is, they can very concretely adjust their buying, traveling or eating behavior. And that's fantastic, because young people 'consume' a lot of fashion, so that's where you can achieve a lot."

Rosa Green, of The Hague High School, won the title in higher education. She excelled in tackling topics that people don't immediately think of when they hear the word sustainable, such as justice and child abuse. Jury member Margareth de Wit thinks this is very important in today's society: "We really need young people in these troubled times who are very serious and evidence-based about this theme and want to transfer it to students. In this you can mean a lot as an example and inspiration."

The entire ceremony can be viewed back at the website of Pakhuis de Zwijger!


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