Week of the Circular Economy

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Join us in the week of the circular economy! From Monday 7 to Saturday 12 February you can participate in various workshops, knowledge sessions and excursions. There are also several activities that are related to education, we list a few for you:

February 7

National Conference on Circular Economy
On Monday, the fourth National Conference on Circular Economy will take place with the theme: All Circular! Here you can join companies, governments, civil society organizations and educational institutions online to discuss what it takes to create a circular economy. There are several partial sessions you can join. Daan de Kruijf, project leader Circular Skills at Leren voor Morgen, is also one of the speakers. He tells more about his experiences in circular education in the session: Circular Skills, from safety net to springboard. Read more!

Play your Circular!
The transition to the circular economy is a social change that everyone can contribute to. In the game 'Play your Circular' you will learn more about the circular economy in one week. You do this by means of a quiz, various assignments and by sharing your ideas. On Monday you start with a kick-off and then you can start playing. Read more!

Future test: what does your future look like?
How would students (in MBO, HBO and WO) like to see their education structured with a view to a changing job market and the resulting need for circular skills, for example? Learning for Tomorrow, the Young Climate Movement and Students for Tomorrow have jointly developed a game in which we ask students how future-proof their education is. Read more!

February 8

European RCE meeting
SPARK the Movement organizes in collaboration with Leren voor Morgen a meeting around the question: how can education support the transition to a sustainable society? They want to invite participants to use their imagination to the fullest and think about a new reality. This is done on three levels: the attentively involved person, the transformative school and the meaningful society. Read more!

Togetherness: circular economy game
In the game of Samenrijk you, together with the other participants, act as a new board and devise a plan to make a company circular. In this way you learn in an interactive way the basic principles of circularity. Play and move along towards a sustainable future. Read more!

February 9

Curriculum mbo: circular regional economy
The MBO College Lelystad offers students a learning line aimed at developing a circular economy in the region. The goal is to have students as professionals of the future. The focus here is on the student so that they enter the labor market with the necessary knowledge, subject-specific skills and attitude. Read more!

February 10

Masterclass: economics for change
What if we had an economy that no longer focused on endless growth? What would our lives be like then? If the current model was invented by humans, we can create something new ourselves, right? In this master class Kees Klomp, lecturer in Meaningful Economics at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and involved in knowledge sharing in the Homo Florens project of Leren voor Morgen, answers these questions and tells more about his search for new economic ways of thinking. Read more!

February 11

Final National Hackathon
Some 80 students from higher education are taking on the challenge of solving a circular transition issue, the kick-off took place on January 31. The teams can participate in various workshops to gain additional knowledge for the best idea. This year the theme of this hackathon is the textile and clothing industry. On February 11, the teams will present their idea and the jury will choose a winner. Read more!

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