We are a social enterprise that helps ensure that all children - regardless of origin, socio-economic status or gender - have the opportunity to discover their creative and digital talents and learn how to use these skills to make a positive impact on society.

What we do

DesignChallenge: learn to innovate in 1 day using our Design Thinking approach for kids and use new technology to build and present your solution!

DesignWeek: an inspiring and innovative project for the whole school, full of challenging lessons in Digital Skills and Design Thinking around a sustainable theme.

DesignWeek+ : In this tailor-made advisory trajectory, the team sets to work in short, inspiring workshops to develop the educational offerings for pupils and the knowledge and skills of the team in coherence. Of course, a DesignWeek for the whole school is also part of this trajectory.

What we offer

Interviews, courses, physical events, online events, teaching materials, teaching manuals, and consulting

Expertise in SDG

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