Educational program of the Floriade is available!

Kopie van Docentrollen in het opleiden voor een circulaire samenleving (6)

The Educational Program of the Floriade is available! Good to know that there is an Educational Program for all pupils and students from 12 years old and up. Teachers and students have worked together with DOON developed the educational learning pathways and teacher instructions.
This program, for all target groups VO and mbo and hbo, is based on the UNESCO principles of Learning for Sustainable Development. It is therefore a future-oriented, investigative and meaningful way of working.
Two types of learning paths are offered for all target groups; namely learning paths following the method of design thinking learning paths for different target groups following the method of programmed instruction.

In both approaches, pupils/students start with an authentic issue, according to the design thinking or the programmed instruction methodology and both learning paths end with a recommendation for the client (issue owner). The issues are made available at: EP Floriade
These learning paths all have an investigative and activating didactic approach in which pupils/students work in teams on authentic sustainability issues. The materials obviously pay attention to reflection and LOB. All very interesting for teachers who want to take a look or get started with transition-oriented learning!

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