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The SustainaBul VO 2024 is starting up again!

Sustainable development is becoming increasingly important in education. More and more VO schools also consider this important. The SustainaBul VO stimulates and supports schools to make education more sustainable. The schools help each other with the implementation of the SDGs. Also in 2024 we will organize another SustainaBul VO. Below you can read more about the process and find important links and dates.

The SustainaBul VO is a Cooperative Benchmark and Ranking. Like the SustainaBuls for MBO and HO, it is based on the integral multidisciplinary approach of the Whole School Approach. Through an online platform and questionnaire, the school maps for each component of the Whole School Approach (vision, curriculum, didactics, environment, professionalization, operations) what the school is already doing and at what level (from incidental to fully secured) it has been implemented. The SustainaBul:

  • provides a clear framework for what we mean by sustainability in education;
  • provides a clear picture of what you need to work on to develop sustainability in the school;
  • positively identifies what is already happening as a basis for development and/or continuation of the school's vision and policies;
  • brings together different disciplines in the school and encourages mutual conversation about sustainability in relation to the school's environment;
  • inspires and encourages participants through the network and knowledge base; sustainability coordinators help each other take follow-up steps;
  • is supported entirely online through a well-maintained platform;
  • turns sustainability into a celebration by presenting the SustainaBuls;
  • is freely available to the education field and is being developed together.

Learning together is central
The SustainaBul puts collaborative learning first. The SustainaBul is from and for the VO sector itself. All schools complete an online questionnaire for the SustainaBul VO. With each answer, policy documents or other evidence to support the answer are uploaded. Thus, a knowledge base of source material and good practices is built together by the participants. This knowledge base is available to all participating schools. The answers are then reviewed by rankers. The ranking is achieved through peer consultation. During the ranking, the answers to the questions are provided with feedback and ranked by colleagues from other schools. After the answers are finally ranked, the results are announced during a festive meeting. The best practices are also presented. We take care of the necessary publicity! The SustainaBul thus also has PR value for the school. By participating in the SustainaBul VO the school shows to the outside world that it, as a school, highly values the SDG's and sustainability.
Why should your school participate in the SustainaBul VO?

Important dates for 2024

  • Questionnaire open first round: March 14
  • First round deadline: May 7
  • Questionnaire open second round: June 10
  • Second round deadline: Sept. 5
  • Awards ceremony: Oct 10 ceremony

Want to know more about participating in the SustainaBul VO? Take a look at vo.sustainabul.com for more information.
Do you have questions or are you curious if participation is something for your institution? Please contact Eline Koopman at eline@lerenvoormorgen.org.

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