Mon April 17, 2023, 13:00 U - 15:00 U

Knowledge-sharing meeting SustainaBul MBO: education theme


A new SustainaBulMBO year has begun! We are looking forward to a new round where we can learn from and encourage each other when it comes to the process of sustainability in the mbo.

The knowledge meetings are intended for knowledge exchange between the MBOs and learning from each other. This knowledge meeting focuses on the theme "Education.

For this year, we are choosing a format for this, which we will evaluate as we go along. This format involves two things per meeting: 1) sharing a good practice by 1 institution and 2) sharing a critical situation by an institution, followed by peer review.

For intervision, we invite all participants to bring in a situation from practice at the beginning of the meeting. Of these, we choose 1 situation, namely the one that is most relevantly tangential to those present in the meeting. We determine this together (and if we don't come up with one, we vote!). In this way we really want to use the brainpower from the group and help each other move forward together. These knowledge meetings are intended for anyone who has a role in institution-wide anchoring of sustainability in education. The information that is shared stays among the attendees.

The knowledge sessions of approximately 2 hours will then look as follows:
0.00-0.25: Welcome and presentation good practice from 1 of the participating MBOs
0.25-0.45: each participant will have the opportunity to bring in their own question/situation for discussion; choose that situation that seems most instructive to the participants
0.45-1.45 the participants question the contributor on the critical situation, and thus jointly dissect the chosen issue. In this way you find out what processes or systems underlie the "problem," and what you might be able to do about it. If desired, participants give suggestions/advice. The introducer reflects on what of these are useful.
1.45-2.00 Evaluation of the meeting.

As a participant of the network, you are welcome to join these meetings, even if you do not yet know whether you will participate in this year's SustainaBulMBO ranking. The meetings are intended for those who are working on sustainability in mbo at the institution level.

If you want more information about the SustainaBul MBO, visit the website. If you want to sign up for the meetings, contact project leader Simone Kleinhout.

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Mon April 17, 2023, 13:00 U - 15:00 U


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For whom

Anyone working on sustainability in the mbo at the institution level
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