Froukje Zumbrink


As sustainability booster I am involved in several projects of Learning for Tomorrow. You can come to me for inspiration and connection. It makes me happy when I can enthuse schools that want to become more sustainable and give useful tips. At this moment I organize the SustainaBul VO together with Eline Koopman. A beautiful, integral and connecting instrument with a lot of potential.

Given my emigration to Sweden (summer 2023), my focus shifts to international, sustainable education projects. I believe in sustainability from within and therefore enjoy working with inner sustainability, the Inner Development Goals and nature connection in particular.

I wish everyone good health and well-being and a pleasant, healthy living environment. A sustainable (or respectful) treatment of ourselves, each other and our planet is very important for this. The seeds for this attitude can already be planted in upbringing and education. It is fantastic and hopeful to see how many schools and initiatives contribute to this every day. United in a cooperative, much more can be achieved. Kudos to everyone who works every day for sustainable education!

Read more about my organization here More to the Outside.

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