Teacher roles in educating for a circular society

The reason for this project is that we are full in the transition to circular education. This also demands a lot from teachers. We therefore wanted to delve into the different (new) roles of teachers in educating for a circular society. Therefore, we went in search of what roles new forms of education, circular education and building a circular economy require of teachers.

In 2021, teachers and educational developers organized three co-creation sessions with mbo teachers from a project of Learning for Tomorrow. The sessions had two starting points: 1. inspiring and exchanging and 2. co-creation: building new knowledge together. Each session focused on the role of teachers, but we always chose a different angle to look at this.

What roles do new forms of education, circular education and building a circular economy require of teachers? This question was the thread running through the project and is also central to the final product. Our focus here was on teachers in secondary vocational education (MBO).

Say you want to start a circular project or you want to make your curriculum circular. Where do you start? Or how do you deepen and broaden? One reassurance: you are often a pioneer, and that is exciting, but it also offers room to experiment. Experienced pioneers in the co-creation sessions agreed. There is no right or wrong and models can quickly suggest a roadmap from A to Z. Practice is often not that linear.

The road as a pioneer within circular education is often winding, meandering and can be unruly, but also fun and valuable. Here are some tools/principles to help you "safely get on the circular road.

In the Guide developed in this project you will find:

  • An A3-sized printable poster on the eight roles of a teacher in circular education;
  • An A3-sized inspiration sheet to hang in your team or teacher's room;
  • A concise guide explaining how to set up a similar project/lesson series yourself;
  • Tips, good practices and lessons learned from inspiring MBO teachers who have already set to work on circular education.
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