Thu 12 May 2022, 14:00 U - 17:00 hrs

Community of practice meeting - Circular Skills


In various corners of the country, teachers, teacher-researchers, professors, practitioners, and school leaders and administrators are experimenting with ways to engage their education in the circular transition in their communities. Living labs, innovation hubs, challenges and talent programs; just a sampling of many examples.

In May, as part of the Circular Skills program, three communities of practice (CoPs) in which education professionals engage in group learning and development. Participants are actively working in their own practice (or have concrete plans to get started in the near future) on, for example, setting up a hybrid learning environment, applying new teacher roles and skills, or strengthening a learning (school) organization to introduce students to the challenges of the circular economy.

In four meetings (two before the summer break, two after), participants work together under the guidance of experienced facilitators to sharpen their vision, engage the right stakeholders, and create and test designs. In between the meetings, the participants get to work on their own development in their own practice. The experience they gain in this process is brought back to the community. In this way, everyone can learn from and with each other in terms of vision and approach and participants are encouraged to take concrete steps.

You can apply for one of the following three CoPs:

  1. Hybrid learning environmentsFor (associate) professors, practical professors, teacher researchers and lecturers in vocational education (MBO) and higher professional education (HBO) who want to shape cooperation on transition issues with parties in the field and are looking for structural embedding in education.
    This CoP is facilitated by Dianne de Fijter of The Green Brain.
  2. Pedagogy & didactics: For teachers in vmbo, mbo and hbo who want to acquire further skills in organizing and providing education in which pupils/students work on transition issues in the vicinity of the school.
    This CoP is facilitated by Ruth Pasternak of SME.
  3. Vision & Leadership: For school leaders, education managers and project leaders in vmbo, mbo and hbo who (want to) initiate educational innovation in the field of sustainable development in their school or department. This CoP is facilitated by Guido Bastiaans of O3-Effect.
The meetings of the 3 CoPs for education professionals will take place on:
May 12 (14.00-17.00)
June 02 (14:00-17:00)
September 22 (14.00-17.00)
October 13 (14.00-17.00)


Thu 12 May 2022, 14:00 U - 17:00 hrs




O3 Effect, The Green Brain, SME, CINOP

For whom

Teachers, teacher researchers, professors, practitioners, school leaders and administrators
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