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Dr. Albertus Risaeus School

The Dr. Albertus Risaeus School (ARS) is an ever-developing educational organization that offers each child entrusted to us a challenging future-oriented learning environment. In doing so, we connect with the development of the individual, becoming independent and make them aware of their relationship with God. Thus, with parents as partners, we work on Christian education and faith education, and we continue to explore opportunities to improve our education.

What we do

Mission: Believe in development.
Core reflection: in the common ideal:
From our vision we want to integrate learning from within into our overall education. Learning from Within is the basis from which we work in all groups.
- As a result, the students know themselves to be known and loved because they are allowed to use their God-given qualities. As a result, they feel responsible and motivated for their own learning and experience joy in it.
- As teachers, we are open to questioning each other about and sharing our successes and obstacles, encouraging each other to further develop our professionalism.
-From the point of view of joint responsibility, parents have room to contribute their own insights about their child's qualities and abilities.

What we offer

Expertise in SDG

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