Aloysius Foundation

The Aloysius Foundation is there for children and young people who need our expertise in special education to develop properly. We offer special primary education, special education and secondary special education and also provide education to young people in correctional facilities and youth care institutions.

What we do

Aloysius will work on 'sustainability' in the coming years. We are already doing a lot in this area, but are looking to broaden and deepen. For example, a number of schools are conducting pilots to renew their education with 'sustainability' as the driving force. The Whole School Approach is the starting point for this. In addition, employees offer inspiration through webinars and a 'Green Team' explores what else we can do together with students, parents and network partners to prepare children and young people optimally and sustainably for a meaningful existence.

What we offer

We offer over 3,500 students strong education for a meaningful future. We do this with over 900 employees who put our core values of strength, unconditionality and passion into practice. We have 49 locations in the Netherlands, are active in 24 municipalities and our students come from 65 collaborative organizations for appropriate education.

Expertise in SDG

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